General Education by Grade

+ Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Our primary goal is the formation of the whole child—spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and creative. For this age group, Saint Henry incorporates developmentally appropriate religion, reading, math and social studies. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd provides young children with activities which lead them to contemplate the mysteries of our faith. The phonics-based reading program includes creative writing and grammar, while our hands-on math program teaches number form and identity, solid shapes, addition, subtraction and more. Social studies and science are often integrated into our language arts program and supported with hands on experiments and literature. The Diocese of Nashville Curriculum guides Saint Henry School program of study.

+ Grades One Through Three

The primary grades at Saint Henry School focus on the development and mastery of basic skills in reading, mathematics and language arts. Religion classes study Catholic doctrine and scripture and continue faith formation with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. The highlight of these years are the first sacraments in second grade. Introductory concepts in social studies and science are also taught. The Diocese of Nashville Curriculum guides Saint Henry School program of study.

+ Grades Four Through Six

The elementary grades strengthen students and gradually lead them to greater independence in learning. Students in these grades move beyond the basics to enhanced learning in all subjects. Religion, reading, mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies are all courses of study. The Diocese of Nashville Curriculum guides Saint Henry School program of study.

+ Seventh and Eighth Grade (Junior High)

The Junior High at Saint Henry School includes seventh and eighth grade. These grades prepare students for success in high school. Subjects include religion, reading, mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, Spanish and special classes (library, PE, Art, band, and music).

Special Subjects


The mission of the art department at Saint Henry School is to provide a positive, nurturing, creative environment in which students can cultivate their God-given gifts and talents.  Students will be encouraged to explore many media, sharpen perception of aesthetic qualities, increase art knowledge and skills and increase their understandings of the characteristics of visual form from a variety of cultures and historical times.


Our interactive Spanish program exposes students to various activities designed to enhance Spanish speaking, writing, reading and listening abilities. The kindergarten and first grade program focuses primarily on listening and speaking. In the second, third and fourth grades, children expand their skills to include reading and writing. The fifth through eighth grade Spanish program offers students the equivalent of Spanish 1, spread out over four years of study and review.

Physical Education

At every grade level, students at Saint Henry School learn about sportsmanship, rules and regulations as they participate in physical education. In earlier grades, there is an emphasis on the safety, teamwork and care of equipment in addition to skill building and fun. Later, in grades five through eight, the program promotes fitness and instills self-confidence in each student, teaching them various ways to be healthy in their adult years.