Forms and Documents

+ Early Drop-off/Late Pick-up Registration

Every family that plans to use Early Drop-off or Late Pick-up must fill out this form and turn in to the school office before allowing students to use this service.

+ Immunization Requirements

All students must have immunization records on file with the school office. Doctors may fax immunization records to the school at 615-356-9293.

View the requirements for specific grades below.

+ Medications

Complete the Medication Administration form if you wish to keep medicine for your child in the school clinic to be administered by the school nurse. This form applies to both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Turn this form in to the school nurse along with the requested medication.

Complete the Parental Consent for Self-Administration form if you wish for your child to carry and self-administer their own medication during the school day. Turn this form in to the school nurse.

+ Parent Volunteer - Background Check

All school volunteers (including field trip drivers) must complete a background check with Saint Henry Church before volunteering at the school. Please complete the Background Check Form and return to the Saint Henry Church office.

If you have previously completed a background check with Saint Henry Church, you will be emailed between July 15th - August 5th with a form to keep your background check current.