Our music program is designed to allow students to enjoy music while also developing their aural, visual, spatial, tactile and emotional intelligence. We also incorporate the students' spirituality by expressing prayer through music.

Kindergarten to Third Grade

Focus on singing and learning the very basics of music, such as simple rhythms. The students also use Orff and percussion instruments to enhance their music making experiences.

Fourth Grade

Students will expand on the curriculum from earlier years by learning to play an instrument. All fourth graders are required to play the recorder and will have two opportunities to perform what they've learned at both a Christmas and Spring concert. 

Fifth to Eighth Grade

BAND - Students have an opportunity to choose an instrument and join the band. There are three bands at Saint Henry. Fifth graders join beginner band, sixth graders participate in intermediate band and seventh and eighth graders join advanced band. 

MUSIC CLASS - Students who choose not to join band attend music class. Curriculum covers singing and basic music reading skills. The program also teaches music history and appreciation of other musical styles. Fifth grade learns beginning techniques of hand bells, and sixth grade incorporates proper vocal techniques and beginner guitar. 

CHOIR - The junior high choir is made up of seventh and eighth graders who enjoy singing. The ensemble sings at our weekly school masses and prepares for two concerts throughout the year. The seventh and eighth grade choir students also take a field trip and share their musical talents with the Nashville community.