The School Committee of Saint Henry School is a consultative group that exists to assist the pastor and principal as they carry out the educational mission of the parish school. The committee meets monthly, with a break in July, to engage the talents of those in its membership as well as concerned parents or other parishioners who wish to become active in the educational mission of the school. The term for each member is three years, with the option of reappointment for a subsequent three-year term. Teachers and employees of Saint Henry School are not eligible for committee membership.


2017-2018 School committee

Sister Maria Christi – Principal

Alan Mila – Assistant Principal

Susan Glasser – Chair

Jamie Hinson – Vice Chair

Betsy Gromos – Parish Council

Carolyn Johns – Secretary

Nick Martini

Jerry Scott

Ray Brocato

Thomas Lynch

Heather Luea

Tommy Brown

Amanda Dragan – H & S Representative