Saint Henry Science Olympiad Team Places Fourth in Regional Tournament

On March 25, 2016, Saint Henry's Science Olympiad team placed fourth in the regional tournament at Tennessee State University.

Congratulations to the following students for receiving medals:

  • Invasive Species - Fourth Place, Stella Harrison and Stephen Meier
  • Anatomy and Physiology - Second Place, Minsaw Kwak and Maia Funk
  • Road Scholar - Third Place, Drew Perenich and Jacob Dean
  • Meteorology - Fourth Place, Minsaw Kwak and Lizzeth Hernandez
  • Wind Power - Second Place, Jacob Dean and Drew Perenich
  • Rocks and Minerals - Sixth Place, Maura Dailey and Isaac Vaillancourt
  • Crime Busters - Sixth Place, Claire Sheppard and Maura Dailey
  • Crime Busters - Third Place, Diego Hoagland and Eli Jordan
  • Bottle Rockets - First Place, Maura Dailey and Drew Perenich
  • Towers - First Place, Isaac Vaillancourt and Claire Sheppard
  • Scrambler - First Place, Stella Harrison and Minsaw Kwak
  • Scrambler -  Fourth Place, Eli Jordan and Stephan Meier
  • Mission Possible - Third Place, Heather Rogers and Minsaw Kwak