Fall Sports

Football, Cheerleading, Volleyball and Cross Country

Football - Fifth to sixth grade boys, and seventh to eighth grade boys. Teams practice during the week and play games on Saturdays. Click HERE for fifth to sixth grade fall schedule. Click HERE for seventh to eighth grade fall schedule. 

Cheerleading - Eighth grade girls only. Participate in football games and one competition at the end of the year.

Volleyball - Seventh and eighth grade girls. Placement on competitive or recreational team is determined by tryouts. Team participates in DAC division tournaments. Click HERE for JV1 fall schedule, HERE for JV2 fall schedule and HERE for varsity fall schedule.

Cross Country - Kindergarten to eighth grade. Practice for kindergarten through fifth grade is held twice a week after school with four meets on Sundays at Overbrook School during the months of September and October. Practice for sixth to eighth grade is held in the evenings at Warner Park, and participants will compete for medals and team trophies during the season. Click HERE for the fall schedule.

Winter Sports


Basketball - Third to eighth grade students. The third through sixth grade teams practice once a week and play a game on Saturday mornings. The seventh and eight grades teams will form a competitive varsity team and recreational junior varsity teams. Recreational junior varsity teams will play a weekly schedule, along with the varsity team. Both teams will play competitively for team trophies and standings.

Spring Sports

Volleyball, Soccer and Golf

Saint Henry School Volleyball

Volleyball - Fifth to sixth grade girls only. The primary goal is to learn and have fun, so teams do not keep standings or score. 

Soccer - Fifth through sixth grade, and seventh through eighth grade. Fifth and sixth grade teams are usually either boys or girls while junior high teams are co-ed and divided into varsity and junior varsity if there are enough players (both will play for trophies and standings).

Golf - Sixth through eighth grade. The league is divided into three divisions of playing ability. A competitive team will be formed of seventh and eighth graders only. More information can be found at the www.nashvilledac.com website.