School Nurse

The Saint Henry School clinic is staffed with a full-time registered pediatric nurse. Functions of the school nurse:

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  • Assist students with known medical needs to function maximally in the school setting

  • Assess students as needed for illness and injury during the school day, then implement care as needed

  • Provide educational programs for students, parents, faculty and staff

  • Coordinate vision and hearing screening annually

School Counselor

Saint Henry School has a full-time school counselor who is available to provide individual counseling, group counseling, classroom lessons, and referrals. The counselor works closely with teachers and administrators to assist with student needs.


The Saint Henry School CARE (Care Assess Respond Evaluate) Team is a group consisting of teachers, the school counselor, the learning consultant and an administrator.
The CARE team facilitates:

  • Meeting the academic, developmental, medical and relational needs of students

  • Access to needed support services (for child, family, and school)

The CARE Team acts on referrals from the faculty or administration, which are made for the benefit of the child. All community resources are examined for their value and/or relevance for the child and the family. Parents who are concerned about their child’s progress should first speak to the homeroom teacher of their child.

Learning Specialist

Saint Henry School has a full-time learning specialist who facilitates the process of supporting students who have special academic, behavioral, or medical needs. The process of identifying student learning needs is coordinated by the Learning Consultant.

Resource Teachers

Saint Henry School Resource Teachers, directed by the CARE Team and in consultation with the classroom teacher, coordinate specific learning activities in areas identified as needing assistance.