The mission of the art department at Saint Henry School is to provide a positive, nurturing, creative environment in which students can cultivate their God-given gifts and talents.  Students will be encouraged to explore many media, sharpen perception of aesthetic qualities, increase art knowledge and skills and increase their understandings of the characteristics of visual form from a variety of cultures and historical times.


Our interactive Spanish program exposes students to various activities designed to enhance Spanish speaking, writing, reading and listening abilities. The kindergarten and first grade program focuses primarily on listening and speaking. In the second, third and fourth grades, children expand their skills to include reading and writing. The fifth through eighth grade Spanish program offers students the equivalent of Spanish 1, spread out over four years of study and review.

Physical Education

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At every grade level, students at Saint Henry School learn about sportsmanship, rules and regulations as they participate in physical education. In earlier grades, there is an emphasis on the safety, teamwork and care of equipment in addition to skill building and fun. Later, in grades five through eight, the program promotes fitness and instills self-confidence in each student, teaching them various ways to be healthy in their adult years. 


Our music program is designed to allow students to enjoy music while also developing their aural, visual, spatial, tactile and emotional intelligence. We also incorporate the students' spirituality by expressing prayer through music.


Focus on singing and learning the very basics of music, such as simple rhythms. The students also use Orff and percussion instruments to enhance their music making experiences.

Students will expand on the curriculum from earlier years by learning to play an instrument. All fourth graders are required to play the recorder and will have two opportunities to perform what they've learned at both a Christmas and Spring concert. 


  • Band - Students have an opportunity to choose an instrument and join the band. There are three bands at Saint Henry. Fifth graders join beginner band, sixth graders participate in intermediate band and seventh and eighth graders join advanced band. 

  • Music Class - Students who choose not to join band attend music class. Curriculum covers singing and basic music reading skills. The program also teaches music history and appreciation of other musical styles. Fifth grade learns beginning techniques of hand bells, and sixth grade incorporates proper vocal techniques and beginner guitar. 

  • Choir - The junior high choir is made up of seventh and eighth graders who enjoy singing. The ensemble sings at our weekly school masses and prepares for two concerts throughout the year. The seventh and eighth grade choir students also take a field trip and share their musical talents with the Nashville community.


The library exists to assist the teacher with the child's development by means of both informational and recreational reading, and to assist the students in learning how to use reference materials to their best advantage.

Each class visits the school library once during a six day rotation. Students may visit the library individually or in small groups at any time to research or to check out books with their teacher's permission.

The Accelerated Reader program is an individualized computer reading management program encouraging reading, increasing reading comprehension and tracking student progress. Students read books at their appropriate level and are then tested on their comprehension of the books by taking the computer quizzes. Students in grades one through eight participate.


Our computer program includes two labs equipped with personal computers with the Office Suite along with age appropriate software. Chromebooks, laptops, and iPads are available to teachers for lessons in the classroom. Many classrooms are also equipped with a Promethean ActivPanel board to allow for interactive learning.


Introduction to all aspects of the computer - including history of, hardware and software. Keyboarding is also introduced, practiced and utilized in age-appropriate projects. Students in all grades learn skills in Microsoft Word, while grades three and four are introduced to Excel. In fourth grade the students learn Publisher and PowerPoint. The internet is used as an additional learning tool, with safety emphasized, for activities and research.


Students in grades fifth through eighth grade learn advanced productivity skills using Microsoft Office Suite and internet research. Internet safety education is stressed through demonstrations and discussion. Technology classes use project-based learning, which includes problem-solving and critical thinking.