Our Vision

Guided by our mission and beliefs, Saint Henry School strives to build a Catholic community rich in Catholic values.  Faith development, prayer, and service to others are evident.  A quality academic program based on shared expectation for student learning, ongoing research of best practices, and continuous assessment data is offered as we seek to develop lifelong learners.

Our Beliefs

  • Each student is a child with unique spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs that are recognized and valued.
  • A priority of our school community is to model the beliefs of the Catholic Church, provide opportunities to serve others in response to the Gospel, and deepen our friendship with Christ.
  • The education of students in the foundations of social justice supports the children in developing Christ-like behavior.
  • High quality academic programs share school wide expectations for student learning, practices and assessments that recognize different learning styles and needs, and prepare lifelong learners.
  • Student needs are the primary focus of the school.  All decisions and policies impacting the school are based on research of best practices, standardized testing results, and classroom-based assessment data.
  • A commitment to engage in practices that support the ongoing improvement of teaching and learning fosters a culture of improvement for the entire school community.
  • A safe, disciplined, and nurturing learning environment promotes student achievement.
  • Parents are recognized as the primary educators of their children.  The faculty works in partnership with parents to support, develop, and enrich student learning.
  • Effective collaboration and ongoing communication among parents, administrators, faculty, students, and other stakeholders are essential to improve academic instruction and advance our mission. (AdvancED Report 2008)

The Dominican Difference

Saint Henry School has been blessed by the educational leadership and presence of the Dominican Sisters. The sisters have served as principals and teachers since our foundation in 1957. Sister Maria Christi, our principal, and three sisters currently serve our community.

From the website for the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation:

“While every school in which our sisters teach has its own distinctive history and culture, the presence of Dominican religious brings a consistent and unique element to each of our schools. Four particular features mark education in the Dominican tradition:

  1. Spreading the Gospel Message: Preaching
  2. Love of Truth: Study
  3. Formation in Faith: Prayer
  4. United in Mission: Community

For more information about the Dominican Sisters: Education in the Dominican Tradition.